Media and Mind both start from “M”. Both of them not only have same starting letters but also have a great link between them.

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What is Media?

Media is a vast term, it involves all the means & tools of communications like magazines, books, televisions, video games ,newspapers, radio, telephones, cell phones, movies, music and the top of all is “the Internet”. It explores the entire world in front of you in terms of learning, connecting, communicating and many more. Social Media also comes under the umbrella of Media.

Nearly every person of this age use Media in the form of T.V, Internet, Facebook, gaming, twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram etc. Due to its extensive use, a new term “Media psychology” is introduced. With the passage of time, it developed a lot and now it takes an official term. What is it? It actually works to find out the effects of media on the minds of people. You will be astonished to read what it says?

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD):

This disorder becomes more common among youth. Professionals consider it the same as of other pathological behaviors like eating disorders & gambling. Bureau of labor statistics concludes that teens and adults spend more time on digital media than eating, reading, socializing and exercising. James Steyer (the founder of CSM) said that media technology becomes the dominant intermediary for today’s kids. Reports also suggest that kids should not connect to media tech at least one hour before their studies. When they get a trap for a long time

before the screen, the same things revolving around their minds and they cannot give full attention to their studies.

Recent studies also show that IAD can cause many diseases in addicts. These diseases include anxiety, nausea, sleeplessness, shivers and tremors.
You will be surprised to hear that your appetite habits can also be influenced by social media. Women’ health studies show that food porn triggers your mind’s receptors and you rush to lust after them. OH! Women are gaining weight.
Social apps are also pushing the people towards their more use. According to UCLA’s Brain Mapping Center, teenagers take more interest in social apps when they get more responses on their posts or photos or tweets etc.
According to another survey, violence showed in Media makes the people less sensitive to violence. Now they feel less shock on the scenes of cruelty and crimes.
Another report regarding media negative aspects investigates the increase in the number of media-assisted crimes in media addicts. These crimes involve child pornography and identity theft.


Another study on memory and media conducted by Taylor & Francis conclude that our online access to vast resources for education, learning, recall or problem solving make us more reliable on these sources than our own memory.

Positive Effects of Media on Mind:

Don’t worry as before said. Be relax, there are many positive effects of multimedia as well. Education Testing Service investigates that Kids’ intelligence quotient increases day by day through Media-centric learning and education. The communication gap between the cultures reduces through social media. Media also plays a great role in understanding the public and in turn helps in solving major public issues.

The researches on video games and human attention show that playing action games encourage visual attention in video game players. Interactive game playing also boosts learning not only in boys but also in girls. Now 21st century kids are cleverer, more interactive, learned and multi-tasked.

However, multi-tasking is a good development in kids but is it really good? According to neuroscientist Poldrack, multi-tasking distract your attentions and affects your learning systems.
In short, Advanced Media is a good development of 21st century if it is used for limited period of time and for good purpose.

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