Cancer is a disease that occurs when part of a body cells start to grow abnormally. The worst thing about cancer is it spreads quickly. The Cancer Institute

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Cancer is a Death Sentence

The most prevalent misconceptions in the world is that cancer is a death sentence. It is totally irrational and is not based on reality, oncologists say. “Many cancers can be cured even at the last stage. While all cancers can be cured at stage one,” says DrVassilis, an oncologist based in Greece.

Cancer is a Modern Disease

People think cancer is a relatively new disease. In fact, it has been mentioned many times by Greeks and Egyptians in their books. Even the oldest dinosaur skeleton also showed signs of cancer, according to the researchers. However, one thing worth to mention here is modern life has added to it. Laidback lifestyle with no exercise and fast food and smoking has made it more apparent.

Chemotherapy method is only the method

Many people think chemotherapy is the only cure to it. However, the fact is radiation and surgery are also two other methods to treat cancer patients. Moreover, there are different techniques to chemotherapy. “Different cancers have different chemotherapies as we cannot apply only one technique to treat all cancers alike,” reveals DrVassilis.

Sugar causes cancer

Sugary products are no doubt, comes under healthy food category. But it does not mean that it causes cancer. However, overuse of sugar alternate, such as aspartame, a sweetener can cause cancer. “Incident of cancer in mice that were fed on aspartame diet are reported by the scientists,” says Dr Salma Halai, President of a dietetic association.

Cell phones cause cancer

Cell phones emit a low frequency of rays. And cancer is majorly caused by your genes mutation, according to National Institute of Health. So, both of them are not linked to each other. Cells phones do not cause cancer as they cannot destroy our genes.

Alternative therapies and herbal products can cure cancer

NIH rejects it saying, no alternative therapy or herbal product can claim it. Because there are no evidences found on it. However, it is also true that some alternative therapies and herbal products help tackle with side effects of chemotherapy. And fact of the matter is some herbal products or therapies may prove to be harmful when taken with chemotherapy and radiation. The two will interfere with each other.

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