Feeling about having a baby in your arms is the most precious experience in anyone life. All hopes and dreams suddenly comes true when you have a little angel

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Nursery Furniture

First of all start with the sleeping essentials so that he can sleep peacefully. You can consider having a cot bed because they can easily get converted into a bed when he grows up. It is economic and can be used for a long time. You should check that there must be a protecting rail so that baby can remain safe and secure. A few are available in market that also have a full drawer where you can keep his clothes or other accessories. Keep one thing in mind that never use crib bumpers or pillows because of high risk of suffocation associated with them.

Mosses Basket or Carry Cot

You can purchase a fantastic and stylish mosses basket for your baby to carry him safely from one place to another. You can also put the infant to sleep in it when at home. Make sure you go for a basket that has an adjustable hoodie.

Diaper Changing Bag

It is a must thing you should need to keep your baby diapers, rash cream, nappies, hand towel, sanitizers, changing mat, key clip, wet wipes, and many other such things. So look for a bag that can keep all these essential things at a place. You also need to carry feeder, water bottle, and formula milk when you are out of home. Do make sure that it has different sized pockets to set all the things without any mess.

Infant Swing or Bouncer

It creates such a motion that baby used to feel in mother’s womb and keep him relaxed. You can simply plug the switch and put him into the seat so that he can have a soothing sleep. A newborn often becomes fussy especially if suffering from colic. The best way to keep him in a pace is to buy a swing or bouncer.


You also need to buy a set of baby bottle set that is prepared from quality material so that he can latch on whenever mom is busy or at work. A pack of eight to ten bottles and each of them can fill four ounce milk is recommended. The other things that are important includes a bottle warmer, a bottle sterilizer, a formula dispenser, bibs, burp clothes, and a bottle washer.

If the mother want to breastfeed him exclusively for first six months, then you need to get breast pump, milk storage bags, nursing pads, and a nursing pillow.
Grooming Kit: You want him to look cute and adorable, buy a set of comb and soft bristles brush for him. A nail clipper especially designed to cut their nails should be used to avoid risk of any injury.


 Buy 6 or 7 rompers, 3 to 4 pajama sets, and 4 or 5 shirts and leggings for him. If he is a winter baby, also add two jackets and three sweaters, socks, booties, & crib shoes.

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