Wondering how to fight depression? Here are few effective tips you should follow. In short, the secret to a happy life is hidden in facing your reality.

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This year, the World Health Day’s theme was depression which is the second largest cause of death around the world. Not only this, it is also a main cause of our sadness, anger, aggression, guilt etc as psychologists say. Depression is basically a chronic illness and persists in a person for a longer time unlike stress that may have a shorter time span. Wondering how to fight depression? Here are few effective tips you should follow

Express Yourself

In U.S. alone, statistics for depression show that more than 15 million people suffer from this illness. “And these statistics are high everywhere,” says Dr Albert, a psychologist based in Netherlands. One of the major causes of this problem is suppression of your feelings. As it occurs when you feel bad but do not show it. “Because there is stigma attached to all mental illnesses. People think speaking openly about their mental problem will be perceived as their weakness,” seconds Dr Juana Kay, a psychologist based in the U.S. As a result, people start keeping things to themselves; and then their problem deteriorates and their suffering increases.

Talk about it is the way how to fight depression

In the UK, the Royals including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently launched a campaign to openly talk about one’s illness with each other. They called it “Heads Together”. Their main focus was depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. All of these things are interrelated.

According to the experts, we feel better when we talk about what is making us feel bad. Talking also does catharsis and help remove negativity from us. Consequently, we begin feeling better and less burdened. So, the very first step, if you are fighting with depression or chronic stress is to know the cause of it and talk about that cause. Remove it off from your head and mind to feel relaxed. Don’t find out other useless things about how to fight depression, like medication.

For doing that surround yourself with people who you trust. Share your feelings with them. Call them on phone if they are not around. Make new friends if you are alone. Shell yourself in your close group either in the form of close family members or best friends and see the magic.

Second important step is to work with your mind. Control your thoughts and mind. And not let it control you. Wipe out the negative thoughts because not all thoughts you have are true or worth paying attention to. According to Saba, a psychologist based in Pakistan, an average human being has about 70,000 thoughts a day. “Don’t accept or pay attention to all of them.”

Adding further, she says, although it is not easy to control your mind but it is the ultimate cure. Because no medicine, therapy or doctor can help a patient who gives up on himself; professional help can only work when the patient accepts it. And key to it is consistent trails. Seek help but do not give up. Train your mind to obey you and don’t be afraid of trails. They pave the way to success.

In short, the secret to a happy life is hidden in facing your reality. Opening up with each other so that stigmas related to mental problems could be minimized and controlling your mind. And seek professional help immediately when you need them as it is the secret to a healthier, happier life.

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