The values and attitudes of east and west are different according to their cultural differences. Changes in cuisine also vary according to the beliefs, culture

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Western likes to live with nature, have speech freedom and frequently adopt changes. They are the change seekers who try first to learn new things. Europeans believe in individualism. They like to work more and are mostly self centered people.

Foods have their own hot and cold properties, it acts as a fuel for a hungry machine which can benefit an individual if one can choose a healthy one. The consumption of food represents the social and personal identity of a society.

Eastern Meals Vs Western Meals

You experience eating at different restaurants in the world. Have you ever noticed the difference between the eastern and western meals? If not, let’s see the secrets behind those meals where these rich foods belong to.

A recent study of eastern and western foods differences takes place which discovers that western food possess chemical tastes, while eastern food share the flavors because they avoid pairing unlike the western food.

Famed Cousins of East and West

A few cuisines originated from the Middle East including, Egypt, Iran, America, etc. A famous dish of Americans has become the riches dip today, made with tahini sauce, garlic and olive oil. Fish and chips of England are very famous around the world, whereas, the Middle East has different famed dishes. Turkish coffee is very famous because of its rich taste around the world. They believe that coffee must be super strong but sweet like love. The heart of Middle East dishes are vegetables as many dishes possessed vegetables and spices. The Egypt fava beans is the most flourishing and ancient meal of the Egyptians. Pita bread is also an important ingredient of middle east dining which served with different dips.

Resources Availability

Countries have their own production differences which vary country to country. And meals are according to their production resources. Some are seafood lovers, some are protein conscious, and some are vegetarians. All have some specialized production resources and some different preferences.

Cultural Differences

Cultural orientations also vary and food represents as a key sign in a culture that shows the values of peoples belonging to that culture. Five cultures found North America, south and west Europe, Latin and East Asian flavors are meeting each other. The Asians, mostly like vegetables, sweets and meats which are very traditional in nature. They are less diet conscious, but their cooking styles and servings always attract the eastern because Asian dishes are really eye catching. Europeans, mostly prefer organic food they like dairy products and a huge range is a fast food lover. Some countries have national food as their cultural sign.

Taste Differences

The taste difference is of equal importance in the culinary world. The Asians are mostly taste lovers, they like spices and creativity in their foods. Europeans also prefer meat while they like mostly fast foods, sausages, fries, and ribs etc. Europeans serve boiled vegetables with different serving styles but use rice less unlike the Asians whose table is incomplete without rice. Chinese use less spices in their foods and like soups, pastas, seafood etc. Some of them serve raw and some with few ingredients. Some use their pet dishes on every meal like in Asians tea, naan, roti, samosas, dosa. Arabian dishes like lamb and salads. An Iraq and Turkish dish Lebanese is very famous in the Middle East. Flavorful and Aromatic rice are very popular in Asian cuisines and their desserts are very flavorful.

Serving and Eating Styles

All have different styles of cooking, serving and eating. Western buy frozen meals, try to accomplish vegetables and breakfast include protein items, breads etc. They eat a large bunch with fork and their dish serving take place in a sequence of each individual serving in plates. Eastern buys partly prepared food like street food and prefer vegetables and grain. Serve dishes at once, eat with spoons or chopsticks while sitting on table and chairs. Chinese like to share their dining with eastern as they like the individual servings most. But they made their dishes easy to eatable without having trouble to cut and serve, unlike the eastern meals and prefer to serve ready to eat dishes.

Nothing is more blissful than the food if it’s healthy and tasty. One doesn’t need a silver fork to taste a blessing food. Whether the Asians, the Europeans or the Middle Eastern cuisine no boundaries for food lovers to taste something new. Every society has its own cuisine’s importance, but it must Looks good, taste integral, small amusing and feels the excellence.

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