At very ancient time football has been played in Egypt, China and Rome and the ball were made up of linen and often the animal skin around 2,500 BC.

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Origin of Football Game

The sport of American Football was slight new in 1892 and that stemmed up of two spots yugby and soccer, which was very popular worldwide. Origin of football began about 100 years ago in England in 1863. Since 1581 football game has been played in English schools. England is said to be the homeland of the football game.

The Soccer Name

The In the United States and Canada soccer may use in spite of dissimilarity from the American Football. However the Americans call this sport as soccer to avoiding being confused. And know this game is popular as football or soccer.

Football Tournaments

The first world’s completion of the football game was held in 1871 and the first football FA league was founded in 1888 in England.
The first international tournament of football occurred in 1883 between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Rules and Regulations of Football

It gradually spread in from British to European countries. Before 1860s there was no one who introduced the proper rule and regulations of this game than some rough rules were introduced.
In 1863 the proper rules and regulations of football were introduced by the 12 London clubs in the game. These clubs were known as the Football Associations.

Introduced as International Game

The British and European countries together introduced the FIFA which includes Spain, Sweden, Netherland and France that becomes an international game today.

Father of Football

The man who changes over the rugby-like game into a proper sport game as football is known as Walter Camp, the Father of the American Football.
The FIFA World Cup was played in Uruguay in 1930, and now it repeats after every four years. And after that the first Women's World Cup was held since 1991 in China and also return after every four years.

Invention of Soccer Ball

The Charles Goodyear is known as the inventor of the soccer ball. In ancient times the ball was made up of different materials and after the development the balls are changed with the modern period. And rubbers made balls were introduced in FIFA. And know with the advancement balls become well.

In the 1930 World cup the soccer ball was made up of many panels of the pure leather and laced at the surface to stay together the inside bladder. And this was the first time to introduce such a ball.
The black and white ball was introduced in 1970s World Cup by Adidas that is made up of 32 panels it like a geometry.

The First Football Coach

Gus Malzahn has performed the duty of first Auburn’s head of football coach since 2012.

The First Stadium of Football

The Goodison Park was the first stadium built for the football in England and it costs about 8,090 Dollars and it was officially opened on 24 August in 1892 that provide accommodation for 3000 people.

The Football Team

Walter Camp also introduced the 11 man team of football on 6th November in 1869 for the quarterback position, offensive signal calling, the line of scrimmage and the scoring scale that are now used in football. And usually the team players are now 11 or 18.

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