A mosquito-Borne mild febrile disease is termed as Zika virus. A mosquito species named “Aedes” that is mostly a day-active species is responsible for Zika

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Causes: How it spreads

Through Aedes species Bites:
This virus is spread through the bites of infected mosquito species “Aedes”. These mosquitoes live in standing water in houses and outdoor water buckets. When they bite a virus-infected person, they become infected. These infected mosquitoes then transfer the virus to the other community members through biting.

Through Sex

CDC reports that Zika virus can be transmitted through sex. A sex partner having Zika even the symptoms are not developed can become the cause of transmission of Zika virus to his/her partner. Zika stays in vaginal fluids and semen and transfers during sex.

By Blood Transfusion

Zika virus transmission through blood transfusion is rarely found in America. However, Brazilian Health Associations confirmed two cases of Zika virus transmission from the blood transfusion.

Through Pregnant women

Zika virus can also be transferred from an infected pregnant mother to her fetus. This virus causes microcephaly in children, a condition where a baby gets underdeveloped brains and small heads.

Symptoms of Zika Virus

Most of the People carry Zika virus share mild symptoms of Zika fever. These symptoms can last for a week or more. Zika virus is indicated after having blood or urine test. People infected with Zika virus rarely die. However, in pregnant women, Zika virus can cause microcephaly, stillbirth, miscarriage and other defects.

Most common symptoms include

Joint pain
Muscle pain
Red eyes

Precautionary measures

Use following precautions in order to prevent yourself, friends and your familyzika virus.

Mosquito Repellent

Use Mosquito repellents by following the instructions given on the label. Try to avoid these repellents from babies less than 2 months.

Do not store water in containers

As this mosquito species lives in standing water, try to store water in buckets, bowls and containers at home and at outside places too.

Mosquito Netting

Try to sleep in mosquito netting system in order to avoid Aedes species. Furthermore, take steps to avoid mosquitoes to enter your home.


Try to cover your whole body with clothing. Spray your clothes from pre-treated mosquito repellent products.

Sexual prevention

Patients having Zika virus should avoid sex with their partners.

Precautions for Pregnant women

If you are pregnant then you must care yourself from exposure other’s body fluids or blood. Try to make yourself and your home clean all the time. If your clothes get blood, wash them immediately. Try to avoid the interaction of the people having Zika virus.

Treatments for Zika Virus

For the treatment of Zika virus, there is no specific medicine however, there are some measures that will help you to cure Zika virus.

Take plenty of fluids and water to prevent dehydration. Do not do much work, in spite take rest. Talk to your Doctor and take necessary measurements for Zika as advised. If you are already taking medicine for some other illness, do discuss it with your doctor.
Acetaminophen medicine will help to get down your fever

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