Technology has been changing much faster than anything else in this universe. It has been changing with unique products, making life much easier and it’s the

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1. iPhone 8

Apple Company is going to update the iPhone design and is going to launch iPhone 8 with a unique style made of OLEDs that could swap liquid-crystal display. The smartphone will be slim, light and flexible that will enable touching from each side. And this phone hopes to wrap edge in the gadgets.

2. HP Sprout Pro G2

HP sprout is a computer with built in 3D scanner designed for scanning 3D objects. It’s all in one scanner for 2D and 3D objects which can be used in homes with a projector, camera and touch mate to scan different objects. It can perform two functions while scanning it can capture the objects. It’s beneficial for using in education, manufacturing and retail sectors. It’s more user friendly that other computers as it possesses most frequent features with 8GB DD4 memory, Intel Core i7 CPU, with 1TB SSHD storage. Which would be officially announced in markets in 2017 with its pricing strategy and unique features.

3. Google Gadgets in 2017

Google is planning to launch a phone named as ‘Pixel Phone’ for the very first time with its Google home. The manufacturing of the pixel phone is in process and the expectations are high with this Google product.
A new laptop with ‘Andromeda Operating System’, which would be launched by Google. Google is planning to launch this special version in 2017, which will be a multitasking laptop with laptop and tablet facility. Having powerful features in it, which can work at a time with many devices. This will call a future Chromebook according to Google and Androids policy.
Another divine product which Google is planning is a ‘Smart Wrist Watch’. It would be a great opportunity for Google to compete with Apple watch. The users can access to wifi and other cellular connection by downloading apps. As Google is launching a wearable computer, watch it might be able to capture more customers in the future.

4. Credit Card-Sized Computer by Intel

Intel is planning to launch a mini computer instead of purchasing a whole computer system. This Intel’s credit card-sized computer will possess all features of having storage capacity, memory, processor and even a wireless connectivity feature. The strategy of Intel is to upgrade internet connected devices usually used in homes. That will be a standardized new system with more powerful processors to own future.

5. Microsoft’s Surface Pro Updated Version

An Updated Version of Microsoft’s Surface Pro is expected to be launched in 2017 with new attractive features unlike the old Microsoft Surface Pro version which didn’t make any remarkable progress in the previous year. The CEO of Nadella said that after PCs and tablets Microsoft is going to launch an ultimate mobile device an edition in its surface series that can run with Windows 10 by using other external devices.
A more interesting product of Microsoft with the name of Surface Book 2 is coming in 2017. That is the first ever laptop which will be slightly faster and much powerful laptop than the other laptops according to the Microsoft Company. Maybe it will able to increase the customer rate.

6. W-Series LG TV

An incredible progress in TV products by LG is a W-series TV. Having 77-inch large screen and just 27 pounds weigh. The special feature is the naturally build in wallpapers in screen that feels like living in nature. The features of this TV are more eyes catching than other similar sized TVs of well- known companies.

7. Samsung Smart Phones in 2017

Samsung is going to launch a new flagship phone as Galaxy S8. According to Samsung company it would consist new feature of virtual personal assistant technology by the startup Viv, will cover more features with extremely higher resolution, 4k display than the previous version which is going to launch in spring 2017.
Samsung is also planning to launch a bendable phone for the very first time, which will come in 2017 as the first Folded Phone by Samsung. Other well known companies have also manufactured dual screen phone, but didn’t advertise like Samsung do, it hopes this will grasp big market.

8. Virtual Reality Handsets

Windows 10 is going to introduce a very unique product for their PCS named as Virtual Reality Handset. This VR handset of Windows 10 will be cheaper than the other well known companies’ handsets that will increase the competition.
A Virtual Headset is also coming in the future, which can be worn on the head to prevent motion sickness. It’s most impressive idea of VR Headset to see a world in a realistic way.

9. Fitbit Tracker

The Fitbit Company is well known for launching fitness trackers. Now Fitbit is going to launch some new form factors in 2017, what they will be? It’s unknown, but would be something more realistic than previous products.

10. Motiv Fitness Ring

A smart fitness ring will be among the most interesting gadgets that can be worn on the wrist for fitness tracking.

11. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch is well known as an iconic video game company and it is going to launch an addition in the gaming series which would be seen in 2017. Nintendo Switch with its double portable system, will able to connect with a television that will be a good choice for game lovers.

12. Xbox Project Scorpio

Another good news for game lover who needs more performance is that Microsoft in going to release a supercharge in fall 2017. That will be a more powerful version of the Xbox. Microsoft is working with Project Scorpio to design this Supercharge Xbox that will able to work with 4k TVs and VR handsets.

13. Power-Ray Aquatic Drone by Power Vision

A new Power-Ray Drone by Power Vision’s is going to launch in. This would be waterproof vehicles that can detect fishes and send images to users with its Fish Finder feature. Power-ray Drone will operate both fresh and saltwater by shooting 12 megapixels with its 4K camera.

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