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Physicians/ Surgeons

It’s a good new for medical professionals that they are on top of the list when it comes to highest paid and most in demand job. Physician is a person who have studied and trained to practice medicine. He is specialized enough to diagnose what a patient is suffering from. Surgeon has got a specialized degree to perform operations on human body. They need special training from three to eight years after completing their medical degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States has estimated that the demand of this profession will drastically increase within next ten years.


The people who have got a graduation degree in law and represent their clients in court also earn much money and remain in demand all across the world. These include criminal lawyers, tax attorneys, civil lawyers, real estate attorneys, legal advisors, etc. This is a good new for those who are seeking a lucrative career in this profession.

Research and Development Manager

It is estimated that those are specialized in research and development area are also getting much money in their profession. They are needed to plan, organize, and evaluate researches in their organization. Different companies such as hospitals, universities, software firms, agriculture, etc. require them to meet organizational need and goals.

Software Development

Software industry also offers lucrative packages to those who have specialized in this field. If you have completed a professional software degree, than you will be glad to know that being a software development officer or manager is also most requires and well paid job. They are required to maintain, develop, and guide team of engineers on process of development.


They are required to advise healthcare department use and improve of medicines or drugs. The increase in demand of physicians and surgeons have also lead to an increase in demand of physicians. Their wages have been steadily increasing since 2011. According to a research, there demand is also increased 25% more as compared to the year 2000.

Strategy Management

Organization are also seeking such professional who plan, make, and implement strategies to help them in achieving their goals and objectives. This job demand has increased faster as compared to other careers. It is expected that strategy managers demand will increase 9% since 2024.

Software/System/Application Architect

The experts who make the architecture using the computerized system are also hiring a huge of money. This profession is new as compared to previous ones but demand is increasing with the passage of time. They required a professional computer degree to perform their job.

IT Officers and Managers

Information technology manager is required to control, monitor, evaluate, and coordinate computer related activities going in a company. This is also a highly paid jobs for the professional IT or software degree holders in the world.

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