Turkey is one of those countries in the world which provide you all the things. Here are few things You Should Know Before You Travel To Turkey.

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When you got an opportunity to travel, select such a place that has adventure, relaxation, countryside, landscapes, food, shopping centers, and festivals. Turkey is one of famous countries in the world which provide you all the things. It is famous all around the world because of its ancient ruins, beautiful places, and old heritages. The country has a unique culture that is a blend of both East and West and makes it a must visit place. If you are one of those looking for where to travel this vacation, then continue reading the article. Here are few things you should know before you travel to Turkey.

Turk History

The history of Turks is more than four thousand years old and according to the anthropologists they lives in Central part of Asia in 2000 BC. After migration to the region currently known as Turkey, they fought with Byzantines and formed Anatolian Seljuk State. It came under the reign of Ottoman Empire during 13th century. Turkish National Liberation War started after the World War 2 and it became the Republic of Turkey in 1923. You can witness the traces of all these events in form of buildings such as Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Ephesus, Side, Kayaköy and many others.

Turkish Food

Turkish people are a quiet passionate about the food so their dishes are not only diverse but also enriched with flavor. You can find a huge variety of food when in Istanbul because there are a variety of restaurants offering multicultural cuisines. You may have heard about the mouthwatering kebabs, mezes, baklava, ÅŸöbiyet, and künefe. Good news is that you can have all these in Turkey and prepared with the most authentic recipes. Breakfast are considered the most important meal and they not only prepared it deliciously but also full of nutrients. Travel to Turkey and enjoy the finger licking food.

Reasonable Markets

You can find such places which offer the quality things on reasonable prices. The Grand Bazar in Istanbul is the oldest and largest in the whole world. It attracts million of the tourists every year because of its textiles, jewelry, pottery, and other souvenirs. Egyptian Bazar also known as Spice Bazar got the best spices, herbs, medicines, oils, and dry fruits. Sahaflar Carsisi offers all famous second hand books on a very low prices. So a book lover can take a stock with him to read for the whole year.

Best Attractions – Travel To Turkey

The most important reason that attracts the tourists is the beautiful landscapes, sceneries, and buildings. Istanbul got the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman palaces, Maiden Tower, The Bosphorous, mosques, churches, and beaches. It will took at least a week to completely explore the beauty of this city. Patara beach, Antalya is the most beautiful and largest where you can get relaxed for some time. Bozcaada, a small island situated on the western coast, is famous for its windmills, vineyards, and beach. A small historical town Goreme is made of white rocks and has astonishing cave suites, fairy chimneys, and hot balloon rides.

The native people will welcome you with the heartwarming generosity and surely guide you about the best to have there. Regardless of your nationality, race, or religion, they will invite you to their house. Visit turkey to get overwhelmed with such kind of hospitability that you haven’t experienced in your life.

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