Skin protection in summers is a must because sun rays can badly damage it. Follow this skin care routine to protect your skin in this summer.

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Skin care routine in summers is a must because dermatologists say sun rays can badly damage it. Summer is time when our sun exposure increases. We go for outdoor activities more than we do in winters. This rise in outdoor activity gives birth to many problems such as dehydration, photo sensitivity, eczema, discoloration and so on. To shield your skin from the ‘bad’ sun rays some tips are given by Dr Anna Francis, a dermatologist based in London.

Use a sun block

Sun block actually blocks the ‘bad rays’ to enter your skin. It is a must for women, men and even children especially, who go out in the sun for different activities. According to experts, most people are not aware about the right use of sunscreens or sun blocks. The right use is to apply them at least 3 hours before going out. However, what people do is to apply it as soon as they take their step outside.

Wear hats

Don’t forget to wear a hat or a scarf as soon as you leave the house or office. It is a good way to keep problems at bay. Buy stylish caps or hats for daily use. Women can also buy colorful and beautiful scarves that are in trend nowadays. Try buying cotton scarves and use lighter colors so excess sun rays cannot be absorbed in them.

Wear glasses

Use glasses to protect your eyes. Because eyes are the most sensitive part of your skin and their protection against the sun is highly important. Buy beautiful sun shades of your choice and enjoy their cooling effect on eyes.

Take cold showers

Taking cold showers instead of hot showers in summers become really important to keep your body and skin cool. Also, scrub your body to rid from the dead skin cells. For scrubbing different things are used such as sea salt, soaps, lotions, oils. Choose what you like and enjoy fresh and glowing skin.


Detoxification is to rid waste material from your body. It is a great way to keep your skin healthy as all toxins from the body are removed through this method. You can detoxify by taking green tea, detoxifying juices etc. You can make this juice by adding a slice of cucumber, lemon and mint in a water bottle. Keep it in fridge for at least three hours and drink it.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits

Eat more vegetables and fruits especially watermelon to kill heat. Watermelon provides nutrition and water to the body and helps restore skin freshness. Besides, try eating light meals as the month of summer also brings food poisoning, acidity and other diseases. Use herbal masks made from fruits and vegetables at home. These are all natural and much better as compared to the cosmetics that contain chemicals.

Drink water is most important in skin care routine

Summer brings dehydration which is bad for our skin and all other body parts. So, increase your water intake as water for all-men or women is essential in the summer season. It helps keep skin glowing, fresh, beautiful and healthy! We hope you will follow this skin care routine and let others know.

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