Self or personal grooming is a technique of cleaning and maintaining a good hygiene of different parts of the body so that they appear neat and beautiful. It is

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Personal Hygiene

The most needed thing is that you must take bath routinely and clean your body on a regular basis. Those who got an unpleasant body odor can use a deodorant, body spray, or perfume. A pleasantly scented body bath, shower gel or soap can help you to have a refreshing look for the whole day. Apply moisturizer after taking shower if you got a dry skin.

Taking Care of Hair

Hair are the essential part of the body that enhance the beauty and features of a woman. Don’t keep long hairs if you don’t have time to maintain the. Visit your hairdresser after every 3-6 months to keep them in a nice shape. Apply hot oil every week so that they don’t get dry because of styling methods and hot appliances. Make a bun or ponytail when going to office, supermarket, or some busy place.

Take Care of Skin

You must eat a balanced diet that includes fresh leafy vegetables and fruits to get vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are required to get a healthy skin. Moisturize your face daily before applying a foundation. Use a good quality sun block of SPF-30 or above when exposing your skin in sunlight to save yourself from tan. Don’t remove makeup from your face with soap or face wash. Buy a good quality cleanser to remove it and all other impurities every night before going to bed. Apply a night cream or anti-ageing cream to look radiant and young in the morning.

Remove Unwanted Body Hair

You can go for waxing threading, or shaving method to get rid of all unnecessary hair from your body. Keep one thing in mind that these hair can destroy your personality in front of others. If you don’t have time to remove them, wear such dress which can hide them properly. Shape your eyebrows in a proper manner after every 15 days. You can also bleach your face to hide all facial hairs rather than removing them.

Maintain Your Nails

If your budget allows you to go for a French manicure and pedicure at a professional salon, then it will blossom your personality. You can also trim and clip your nails at home to make them neat and small. Moisturize your hands every time after washing them.

Dress Properly

Wear neat clothes that are properly ironed. Dress yourself according to a particular occasion. Don’t wear fancy dresses when going to office. There should no stains on your clothes when you go outside.

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