Chickens are very interesting and intelligent animals. They love to live together in open atmosphere, climbing on the trees, inhale fresh air and take dust bath

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Why chicken becomes the most edible flesh worldwide?

Chickens become the most edible meat as they raise easily, almost all the cultures eat it and it is an entirely edible bird.

Unlike other meats, chicken contributes high protein nutrition and low in calories and fat. It is jam-packed with a full nutritional value having essential vitamins and minerals. It is helpful in building muscles, strengthening of bones and maintaining body weight.

It is heart healthy by maintaining the homocysteine level in the body. It is rich in phosphorous that is helpful in supporting teeth, kidney and nervous system. Selenium is also abundantly found in chicken that is good for metabolic activities. This bird also contains Vitamin B6 that is a metabolism booster and helps in enhancing your body energy and maintains a healthy weight. It is also rich in vitamin A that supports your eye health. It is also healthy for your tissue growth (Vitamin B2) and prevents you from genital damage (Niacin).

Another interesting thing about chicken is that it maintains its quality even in the refrigerator. It stays longer in the freezer with little loss in nutritional values. If you want to preserve the whole raw chicken in the freezer, you can keep it for 12 months for optimal quality.

Besides these health benefits, chicken is also very delicious to eat. It achieves dominance on all cultural cousins. Chicken comprises of many parts and almost all of its parts are used in recipes

Common methods of the chicken recipes include roasting, broasting, baking and frying. In western countries, it is cooked fast by deep frying method for the preparation of fast foods. In Eastern countries, KNN’s, McDonald’s, PeriPeri chicken etc. also open their branches and these

recipes (fast food) also get their creep on. Fast food cooked from chicken includes chicken nuggets, fried chicken, chicken lollipops, wings etc.

Chicken soup is also very healthy chicken food. Mixing of different vegetables in it make it even more delicious and nutritious.

Japanese mom’s chicken, Creamy chicken pasta, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Lazone, Cheesy chicken recipes, Chicken Karae, Baked Chicken, Crock Pot Garlic Chicken and Drumsticks are some of the cultural recipes cook worldwide. Now a day chicken is cooked in more than hundred’s way in each culture.

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