Microsoft has announced the idea of a new Surface laptop with Window 10. Microsoft always tries to do something unique and it is launching a new version

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1. Challenging

The Surface laptop is going to impress all copycats by taking 2 in 1 idea as a nonsensical gimmick from a genuinely great surface laptop with running Windows 10 on it. It’s a complete education device not for all but for students.
Microsoft has researched the PC industry to make a challenging device along some partner PCs to challenge Apple’s Macbook and Google’s chrome book to see how people live and work with. It seems like Apple’s Macbook but it can beat Chromebook. As Chromebook is successful because they hacked easily, especially the IT peoples. And now Windows 10 is trying to do the same thing.
It’s challenging for Apple premium laptop and a direct challenge to Google in the education market. The head of Microsoft claimed that Corei5 is much faster and lighter than Macbook Air

2. Exceptional Features

The surface laptop has features of Surface pro and Surface Book. This laptop can be run on Window 10 S and can be upgraded to Window 10 Pro.
It has a 13.5 inches touch screen as a Pixel Dense Display which is 14.5 m thick. It has 7th generation Intel Corei5 and Corei7 processor with 1TB flash storage.
The Surface laptop weight is 1.25 kg with USB port, headphone socket, mini display port and many more. And it’s easy to carry
The keyboard is covered in fabric with a huge set of different ports. Have SDXC card slot and a full Mac OS version without any restrictions.

And the expected battery timing is.14.5 hours so don’t worry to have a charger all time.
A gain button allows the users to upgrade the real operating system version.
The speakers are developed behind the keyboard to develop a more persistent sound.
An inexpensive way to access web in schools for students and easy to manage. It will gives an offer of one year subscription to Office so one doesn’t need to lose any document, as you have full access to Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Onenote.

3. Good Package For Students

The Microsoft owner has said that we build a beautiful personal laptop that stay last especially for the students. As about twenty million international students are now using laptop by Google research.
It has features to manage laptops in schools for teachers like group chats, assignment submission with moderation tools. It freed to any PCs already using Windows Pro. Students may easily upgrade the OS into Windows Pro.

4. Looks And Color Range

It’s much slimmer and smarter than any Mac book Pro. Much faster in speed and have long life battery timings as compare to the other Mack Books.
The Surface Laptop is available with a range of colors. It’s available in four colors such as silver, gold , gray, burgundy

5. Some Facts About Surface Laptop

The Surface laptop has killed the other trends and secretes in the backyard and has minus some good things about the laptops. This laptop has no card reader port, no HDMI and no hardware volume controls.
Allows you to run Windows Apps and Win32 apps can be convertible to Store Apps on Windows.
However, they didn’t add any innovation to the laptop. By having less storage, few pots, mandate to use Bing.
Its price is really high with weak hardware value compared to the other Windows 10 laptops.
You can only run Microsoft apps and once it upgrades you can’t go back it takes 49$ cost to upgrade Window 10S to Window Pro.

6. Price Range

The surface laptop is expected with a starting price of 999 $ of a Corei5 having 4GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity. Matching up to apple’s price.

7. Availability and Launching

Available in possible launching on15 June in US and Microsoft website. With some other countries like Australia New Zealand, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy etc. Availability in other markets like China will be soon.

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Microsoft Windows Surface Laptop

Microsoft Windows Surface Laptop

Microsoft has announced the idea of a new Surface laptop with Window 10. Microsoft always tries to do something unique and it is launching a new version



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