Here is how to improve memory with five techniques that will surprisingly improve if you are studying for exam or looking for a longer memory retention.

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Human Memory is that department of brain which encode, store and retrieve information and experiences of life when needed. Our memory is important because it helps us in recognizing each other’s face, to tell stories, ability to learn something, recall something that happened in past and also remember a skill. Wondering how to improve memory? One of the important function of memory is to organize the information so we can retrieve information in a relevant context.

Human brain store memories in two different ways. Short-term memory got a limited capacity to hold an information for 30 seconds to a few days in pre-frontal lobe of brain. Long-term memory stores the information for several weeks, months, years and even for whole life in hippo-campus area of the brain.

Every human wants to improve memory and to remember information quicker and faster. Students want to memorize different content so that they can perform well in examination hall. Adults also go for memory boost ways so that they can accomplish the goals at office. Old people also want to retain their memory so that they cannot forget their life experiences. Everyone around us wants to boost his capacity of remembrance. There are many methods, foods, techniques, and tricks which helps a person to remember information for a long time.

How to improve memory

Following are five techniques that will surprisingly if you are studying for exam or looking for a longer memory retention.


This technique is especially for the old people who are suffering from constant memory loss. It is basically an activity that makes your mind strong. When you do meditation, you are actually exercising your mental muscles. It also helps you to retrieve the data that you have forgotten. Most of the memory related problems are due to lack of focus. So it also helps to increase the focus during learning process.

Healthy Good Night Sleep

Various scientific researchers have indicated that sleep plays an important role in affecting the brain ability to consolidate memories. A sleep deprived person have a poor focus and lack of attention to any task such as studying, work, or revising. Establish a regular bedtime routine so that in morning brain can retain the information it learn. Adults need to switch off their TV, laptops and phones to sleep well without any interference or disturbance.

Learn Chunking

This technique is ideal for students who have to memorize a lot of information related to their studies in brain. It helps in making the short-term memory more efficient by taking the individual information pieces and combining them into a whole or large chunk. For example, if you are going out to buy grocery for home and you want to memorize the list such as flour, lobster, oats, apples, and tea. You can take first letter of each word and make a new chunk FLOAT. Practice this technique in everyday scenario to boost your memory. This is how to improve memory by leaning chunking.

Brain Exercises

A few brain games must be a part of your daily routine to keep your brain young and capable of storing memories. Sudoku, a daily crossword puzzle in newspaper, scrabbles, and jigsaw puzzles are considered the effective ways to sharpen the memory. You can make a list of things such as grocery items or things to do and memorize it. Later recall after an hour or two to check how many you can remember. Cooking also helps in boosting memory so learn new cuisines and recipes. During eating you can also try to sense different flavors and taste of food. Bill Gates one shares that he took a different route to home in order to stimulate his brain. So the adults who want to be creative can use this technique to activate their cortex and hippocampus of brain.

5. Eat Healthy

People of all age groups including kids, adults, students, and old should eat a healthy diet to boost memory. It is scientifically proven that despite weighing only 2% of the total body weight, human brain consumes 20% of daily calorie intake. People who have a poor memory retention can boost their memory by eating healthy. Your diet must be enriched with proteins, antioxidants, iron, and magnesium to rectify the poor memory. This is how to improve memory by eating healthy.

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