Here we show a list of the 5 top and most famous landmarks for tourist attractions from around the world to take a trip this year. Keep this list in mind.

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From Africa to Asia and from Europe to Antarctica, the world is full of attractions from a tourist’s point of view. However, there are some places that seem more appealing than others. Here we show a list of the best and most famous landmarks for tourist attractions from around the world to take a trip this year.

Inspiring Indonesia is 5th of Famous Landmarks

Indonesia is a living paradise that resembles fantasies. The beaches, sea, forests, parks- are all alluring and appealing to a visitor. Located to the Northeastern Asia, the country attracts millions of travelers from across the globe. Some of the major places to go while at Indonesia include: Medan, Kalimantan, the Mount Bromo, Seminyak, Tanah Lot, Borobudur temple and Bali etc. Whether it is taking the soulful yoga class, enjoying their cultural dance or strolling around the white shinny beaches or finding the best hotel to say, Indonesia has a lot to unfold.

Divine Denmark is 4th of Famous Landmarks

For foodies, probably the best trip to make this year is to Denmark. The Danish cuisines and their presentations bait millions of visitors from around the globe. There are award-winning restaurants, hotels and cafes serving them zealously. The organic farming and produce supplies food items to these restaurants and eateries that serve their guests. Besides, there are tens of sights worth-watching in the Danish territory including Waddan Sea, an exciting place to see rare bird species; Lagoland Billund Resort, a place to enjoy rides at; and the iconic Rosanborg Castle etc.

Sizzling Spain is 3rd of Famous Landmarks

Whether it is Alhambra, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell or Mosque of Cordoba, Spain is a live postcard for people who love classics. Spanish buildings, traditions, historical places, museums etc are all interesting. The city breathes the air of modernity with advanced cities, such as Barcelona and Seville also. This very characteristic make it a beautiful combination of old and new; colorful and black-n-white. Go tapas, enjoy the exotic architecture, and watch the real Flamenco, Football match and bullfight whenever you tour Spain.

2. Nurturing New Zealand

Although, top attractions of New Zealand are many; but some of the most famous are: City’s New Adventure Park, it is the largest mountain bike park, MilFord Sound which is a wonderful peak with alluring waterfalls, penguins and seals; Tongariro National Park that is famous for being volcanic and so many more. Movie Lord of the Rings is directed in the mesmerizing tourist attractions of New Zealand.

Charming Chile is 1st of Famous Landmarks

The year 2017’s tourism award-winning country is Chile. Perhaps it was overlooked before and recently came to limelight with increase in communication systems. More flights take passengers to Chile nowadays 24/7 making it possible for travelers to explore it. The country is a wonderland for many of its features such as the ideal location, geography, ecosystem, biodiversity etc. Unlike other countries, it is a narrow, elongated in shape and is packed with national parks, deserts, fjords, unique roads, botanical gardens, sub-polar islands and so on. Some of the most exciting places to watch include: Valle de La Luna, La Moneda Palace, Torres Del Paine, Atacama, Ahu Tongariki, Rano Raraku etc. Take a flight to Chile to enjoy your vacations this year.

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