Some of the most amazing birthday ideas here to help make your special day more special. You can also make anyone's birthday awesome with these ideas.

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I still remember how my father used to celebrate my birthday when I was just a child. He was always ready to surprise me. Cake, candles and clamor was a must on that day. But the way he arranged it was always different. I am sharing some of the most amazing birthday ideas here to help make your special day more special.

Shot Video Clip

This is a fun and different way to surprise your loved one/friend or a close relationship. If it’s your sibling’s birthday, all family members can shot a 1 minute message clip for him. If it’s your friend’s, then all other friends can gather up to make a 5-6 minute video clip. To make it more enjoyable, instead of saying “Happy Birthday” simply, you may copy them just to increase drama and interest. Or you may also shot their ‘Happy Birthday’ clip at night 12.

The Pillow Wish

Well, this is our family tradition which I am sharing here. All our cousins join us in this. On birthday night, we wish the Birthday Girl/Boy hitting them with pillow at night 12. It is fun and a totally different way to celebrate. One of the the crazy birthday ideas.

The Bizarre Cake

If your friend is a horror-stories freak, this surprise is for him. Arrange his birthday in a room with no lights on, horror music, smoke and blood-colored ghost-shaped cake. Don’t forget to wear scary masks to scare him.

Make Collage

Forget about nice photos; make collage of thematic photos such as, photos from their childhood, college days, cake-cutting, crazy selfie or silly face and many more.

Decorate Cabin

Decorate cabin of your friend/coworker with colorful happy birthday chits. Write a different message in each chit. Ask them for cake or guide them where the party is.

Suspicious Call

Tell your friend to arrive at bus/train station for an important meeting. Make it a suspenseful call. And embrace him with your gifts when they reach there.

Cutest Delivery

Send the cutest gift through online delivery on your friend’s birthday. “Cutest” word has different definitions for different people. Know what cutest mean to them. For a girl, cutest could be a nice, small pack of chocolate; for a boy, a video game may be the cutest delivery. All birthday ideas are cool but this one will make anyone’s birthday cute.

Write them a funny song

Your friend’s birthday can become more interesting, if you write a funny/serious song for them. Some people love funny things; while some others, serious things are catchier. Know what your friend likes most.

Call in

Call in friends of the birthday boy/girl at 12 AM night when they least imagined it. For that, ask him about their best friend and take their number without telling them why you are doing that. Celebrate with cake, food, flowers and lots of love.

Invite their favorite character

Well, this surprise is for kids. But ‘bigger kids’ can also enjoy it if they want. Superman, batman, ironman, frozen queen, Spiderman, joker and there are many characters that children love today. You may invite the local Spiderman working in the mall at your home to entertain him. Or buy that costume and DIY! !

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