Babies love to play and also seems happy when they are in their bathtub or inflatable water pool. According to research, they enjoy the sound of splashes and th

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First of all you need to keep all bathing materials at a place so that you can have them easily when required. You should have a baby bath tub that is made of safe plastic and shouldn’t make baby slip or slide. A kitchen sink or wash basin can be used after proper cleaning, but a contoured tub will make the whole process more comfortable. You must also got a towel that should be 100% cotton or made of organic bamboo to absorb the water from his skin. A chemical free and neat towel is recommended for a newborn to make him dry completely.


Now fill the bathtub with water to an area that shouldn’t exceed the length of your thumb. It means that it must not more than two or three inches. Water should be clean, clear and free of all impurities. Baby got skin that is many times more sensitive than us so be careful about temperature of water. It must not be more than 32 degrees Celsius or you can say lukewarm. Put your wrist in the tub before putting the little one inside to check it is safe for him or not.


Remove all clothes and diaper from his body and take him to washroom or bathing area. Slowly slip him on the tub by giving support to his back and head with your one hand. Use the other hand to pour water on him with help of a small cup.


Buy a mild baby soap that is specially created to handle his extremely sensitive skin. Organic, herbal or handmade soaps will not harm his skin. Baby baths are also available in market that cleans the newborn from tip to toe. Apply soap or liquid bath on a clean washcloth and start rubbing it on his scalp. Then move towards his arms, legs, front, and back slowly. Rinse the cloth and gradually clean his face. Dab it in water again and clean his nose and ears. Avoid using cotton buds as they can be harmful for them.


Rinse his body by pouring small cups of water over it and dab it again with the washcloth. Take him out of the tub and cover him with a towel. You can apply a baby moisturizer or lotion if you find out that he has a dry skin. Apply rash cream or baby powder around his genitals before putting on his diaper.

To keep your baby safe during his bath, make sure not to keep any electric appliance in the bathroom at that time. Don’t give newborn bubble bath because it can irritate his skin. Never encourage your baby to stand in his tub to eliminate the risk of any injury.

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